About Peace Bloc

About us

Peace Bloc is a non-partisan and non-profit organization that brings together residents of the United States and Canada to promote peace and democracy in Turkey and the Middle East.  Appalled by the multiplying conflicts in the region, increased militarism, the gross violations of human rights in the region, and the enormous suffering of civilian populations across the region and as a result of mass displacement internally and internationally, the Peace Bloc was formed as an alternative voice to advocate non-violent solutions to current crises, coexistence between communities, democratic governance, and human rights. It brings together individuals representing different backgrounds who  share these concerns. By working in collaboration with other civil society organizations, concerned individuals, and scholars it seeks to provide thoughtful and non-partisan analysis of the root causes of conflicts, repression, government corruption, injustice and political violence which affect the peoples of Turkey and the region to the general public and policymakers.


Founding Board Members: 

Zehra F. Kabasakal ARAT, Connecticut, USA

Amy BARTHOLOMEW, Ottawa, Canada @WritingintheADK

Moustafa BAYOUMI, New York, USA @BayoumiMoustafa

Nilufer ISVAN, Massachusetts, USA @NiluferIsvan

Ergin KOCYILDIRIM, Pennsylvania, USA @djanerik

Hasem OZKAN, New York, USA @agreenair

Ariel SALZMANN, Ontario, Canada @ArielSalzmann

Kumru TOKTAMIS, New York, USA @kumrutoktamis

Devrim YAVUZ, New York, USA