Press Release

For release May 2, 2016

As a group of various professionals residing in North America, among whom are academics and physicians, we have decided to establish Peace Bloc in order to try and address some of the recent political problems in Turkey and the Middle East. Peace Bloc will work as a non-partisan, non-profit organization that will try to tackle and bring to light increasing authoritarianism, government corruption and the use of coercion to quail dissent. We seek to form an alternative voice in order to beef up support for non-violent and democratic solutions that respect human rights to current political crises.

To this end, Peace Bloc will focus on the core competencies of its founding members in order to initiate and support projects, ideas and proposals that oppose increased authoritarianism as a solution to any social problem. It will work as a platform, where non-violent initiatives, networks and policies will be investigated, discussed, pushed for and implemented. .

Peace Bloc understands that the rise of authoritarianism and militarization are problems that affect the wider civilian population and that need to be addressed through participation in a manner that is inclusive of wide segments of the Turkish and Middle Eastern population. However, during its early stages Peace Bloc members will focus chiefly on projects that help support Turkish academics who have been persecuted and reprimanded for speaking out for a peace. We feel that our members are well-equipped to relay the concerns of their Turkish colleagues, to shore up material and political support for their plight, and present rational solutions that respect universal principles of individual and group rights.

The Bloc’s ultimate goal is to be a voice for peace, democracy, human rights and respect of minority rights in local, regional and international forums in order to pressure and inform policy-makers everywhere to accept nothing less than sustained democracy to tackle the problems of Turkey and the Middle East.