Erdogan fighting enemies: ‘Turkey’s actions amount to tyranny’ – Kumru Toktamis

Tensions are running high in Turkey after the country’s president Recep Tayiip Erdogan declared that the fight against terrorism is above the rule of law. Erdogan said those, who do not support the country’s operations in the southeast against the Kurds, would be considered enemies. His statement came in the wake of an explosion, which ripped through the capital Ankara last Sunday, killing 37 and injuring more than 120 people. The Turkish authorities said Kurdistan Freedom Falcons were behind the attack noting that the group has links to outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), fighting for the creation of a Kurdish state, which Ankara vehemently opposes. The PKK said that it has nothing to do with the bombing. President Erdogan also made hostile comments about pro-Kurdish MPs, namely members of the HDP party, threatening to lift their immunity. The Turkish head has been accused of authoritarianism. In the beginning of March the government took control of the country’s biggest newspaper, which has been critical of Erdogan’s policy. Recently authorities launched an investigation into academics who signed a petition, calling on the government to halt military operations against the PKK. Police arrested 3 people and deported a UK national in connection with the case. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Dr. Kumru Toktamis Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Science & Cultural Studies at Pratt Institute who also signed “Academics for Peace” petition.

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